Dr. Dhiraj Murthy is a leading, internationally recognized scholar of Twitter. In addition to writing a book about Twitter, the first on the subject (second edition published by Polity Press, 2018), he has authored numerous articles, book chapters, and papers specifically about the  prominent social media platform. Dr. Murthy can be contacted at dhiraj[dot]murthy[at]austin.utexas[dot]edu .

Selected Publications whose focus is on Twitter or uses Twitter-derived data:


Twitter: Social Communication in the Twitter Age. 2013 (1st edition) and 2018 (2nd edition), with Polity Press. Winner of ALA CHOICE Prize. (Selected Reviews: ICS, Discourse & Society, Transfers, #NSMNSS, IJICST, BD&S) | Video Interview. [Amazon US | Amazon UK | Kindle | Free Google Books Version]

Journal articles (all are first-authored unless otherwise noted)

Twitter use in Natural Disasters: Using Machine Learning Methods to Categorize Calls for Help During Hurricane Harvey, International Journal of Information Management Data Insights (in press, with Powers, C.J. (lead author), Ashqeen, K., Devaraj, A., Dontula, A., Joshi, A., Shenoy, J.), 2023.

Make Tweets Great Again: Who are opinion leaders, and what did they tweet about Donald Trump?‘, Social Science Computer Review (third author with  Aguiar, I.* and Yoo, Joseph J.*), 40(6), 1456–1477, 2022.

Variations in the temporal structure of sociability across American cities‘, Sociology, (with O’Brien, J.D., Gross, A., and Meyers, N.*), Vol 55(1): 30-55, 2021. (pre-publication PDF)

CML-COVID: A Large-Scale COVID-19 Twitter dataset with Latent Topics, Sentiment and Location Information‘, Academia Letters (second author with Dashtian, H.), Article 314: 1-9, 2021. (open-access PDF at publisher, local PDF; arXiv pre-print)

Differences in Health-Related Social Media Usage by Organizations and Individuals‘, Telemedicine and e-Health (third author with Ahn, J.* and Jeon, Y. A.*, Vol 26(6): 812-820, 2020. (PDF)

From Hashtag Activism to Inclusion and Diversity in a Discipline‘, Communication, Culture, and Critique, Vol. 13(2, June 2020): 259–264, 2020. (PDF) (pre-publication PDF)

Using a combination of human insights and “deep learning” for real-time disaster communication‘, Progress in Disaster Science, (third author with Robertson, B. W., Johnson, M., Smith, W. R., & Stephens, K. K). Vol. 2(July): Article 100030, 2019. (PDF)

Comparative Process-Oriented Research Using Social Media and Historical Text‘, Sociological Research Online, Vol 22(4): 3-26, 2017.

Pace of Life in Cities and the Emergence of Town Tweeters‘, Sage Open, (second author with Gross, A. and Varshney, L.) Volume 7(4), 2017 (PDF).

Social media processes in disasters: Implications of emergent technology use‘, Social Science Research, (with Gross, A.), Volume 63: 356-370, 2017 (PDF).

Visual Social Media and Big Data. Interpreting Instagram Images Posted on Twitter‘, Digital Culture & Society, (Gross, A. and McGarry M.*), Volume 2(2): 113–134, 2016. (PDF)

Bots and Political Influence: A Sociotechnical Investigation of Social Network Capital‘, International Journal of Communication IJoC, (with Powell, A.B., Tinati, R., Anstead, N., Carr, L., Halford, S.J., and Weal, M.), Volume 10(2016): 4952–4971, 2016. (PDF)

‘Urban Social Media Demographics: An Exploration of Twitter use in Major American Cities’, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, (with Gross, A. and Pensavalle, A.*), Volume 21(1): 33–49, 2016. (PDF)

‘Who tweets about cancer? An analysis of cancer-related tweets in the US’, Digital Health, (with Eldredge, M.*), Volume 2:1-16, 2016 (PDF).

‘Do we tweet differently from our mobile devices? A study of language differences on mobile and web-based Twitter platforms’, Journal of Communication, (with Bowman, S.*, Gross, A., McGarry, M.*), Volume 65(5): 816–837, 2015. (PDF) [Covered by Time Magazine, Newsweek, The Times, MSN, US News & World Report, The Daily Mail, and other major press]

Twitter and Elections: are tweets, predictive, reactive, or a form of buzz?‘, Information Communication and Society, Volume 18(7): 816-831, 2015. (PDF)

‘Comparing Print Coverage and Tweets in Elections: a Case Study of the 2011-2012 US Republican Primaries‘, Social Science Computer Review (with Petto, L.*), Volume 33, No. 3, pp. 298-314, 2015.

Big Data Solutions On a Small Scale: Evaluating Accessible High Performance Computing for Social Research‘, Big Data and Society (with Bowman, S.*), Volume 1(2), pp. 1-12, 2014. (Video Introduction | PDF)

Twitter and Disasters: the uses of Twitter during the 2010 Pakistan floods‘, Information Communication and Society (with Longwell, S.*), Volume 16, Issue 6, 2013, pp. 837-855.

‘New Media and Natural Disasters: Blogs and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami’, Information, Communication and Society, Volume 16, Issue 7, 2013, pp. 1176-1192. (PDF)

Ethnographic Research 2.0: The Potentialities of Emergent Digital Technologies to Qualitative Organizational Research, Journal of Organizational Ethnography, Vol. 2 Iss: 1, 2013, pp.23 – 36. (PDF)

Towards a Sociological Understanding of Social Media: Theorizing Twitter‘, Sociology, vol. 46 no. 6 pp. 1059-1073, 2012. (PDF)

‘Twitter: Microphone for the Masses’.  Media Culture Society 33(5):779-789, 2011. (PDF)


Chapters in Books

‘Coding Twitter data using qualitative and computational methods: A mixed methods framework’ in  The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods (Sloan, L. and Quan-Haase, A. eds.), pp. 533-545, Chapter 37. Thousand Oaks, CA.: SAGE, 2022. (PDF)

The ontology of tweets: Mixed methods approaches to the study of Twitter‘ in The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods (Sloan, L. and Quan-Haase, A. eds.), Thousand Oaks: SAGE, forthcoming. (PDF)

Emergent Data Mining Tools for Social Network Analysis‘ in  Data Mining in Dynamic Social Networks and Fuzzy Systems (Bhatnagar, V. ed.), pp 40-57 , (with Gross, A. and Takata, A.*), 2013. (PDF)


Published Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Rahman, Md M.*, Balakrishnan*, D., Murthy, D., Kutlu, M., and Lease, M., An Information Retrieval Approach to Building Datasets for Hate Speech Detection. Proceedings of the Thirty-fifth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2021), Virtual conference, December 7-10, 2021. Preprint at: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2106.09775.pdf

Rahman, Md M.*, Balakrishnan, D.*, Murthy, D., Kutlu, M., and Lease, M., Addressing Content Selection Bias in Creating Datasets for Hate Speech Detection. Proceedings of the Thirty-fifth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2021) Data-Centric AI Workshop Data-Centric AI Workshop, Virtual conference, December 14, 2021.

Johnson, M., Murthy, D., Robertson, B. W., Smith, W. R., & Stephens, K. K. (2020). DisasterNet: Evaluating the performance of transfer learning to classify hurricane-related images posted on Twitter. Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Social Systems, Computer Society Press.  Maui, Hawaii, pp. 576-583. (Pre-Print PDF) (PDF)

Xin, E.*, Murthy, D., Lakuduva, N.*, & Stephens, K. K. ‘Assessing the stability of Tweet corpora for hurricane events over time: A mixed methods approach’ in Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Social Media and Society (ACM SMSociety ’19), Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, pp. 59-66. (PDF)

O’Neal, A.*, Rodgers, B.*, Segler, J.*, Murthy, D.,  Lakuduva, N.*, Johnson, M.*, Stephens, K. (2018) ‘Training an Emergency-Response Image Classifier on Signal Data’. In Kantardzic & Sayed-Mouchaweh (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (IEEE ICMLA’18).  Orlando, FL,  December 2018, pp. 751-756. (PDF)

Murthy, D., Gross, A., Oliveira, D. (2011) ‘Understanding Cancer-based Networks in Twitter using Social Network Analysis’  in IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing Proceedings. Palo Alto, California  (PDF)

Murthy, D., Gross, A. & Longwell, S.* (2011) Twitter and e-health: a case study of visualizing cancer networks on Twitter’ in Shoniregun, C. A. (ed.) International Conference on Information Society (i-Society 2011) Proceedings. London, UK (PDF)





(* indicates student co-author)