Still from ITV News London, May 2015              Still from Spectrum News Austin, April 2022

Selected Media Writing/Coverage/Appearances:

Voice of America, Twitter Turns 15, Confronts Growing Pains of Popularity

Forbes, As Mississippi Abortion Case Is Heard, ‘Supreme Court’ Trends On Social Media

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Spark, During disasters, social media fills a critical role beyond emergency services

Spectrum TV News Austin, Appearance regarding Elon Musk’s proposed takeover of Twitter

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Community Perspectives on Diversity in the Countering Influence Operations Field

Time Magazine, You’re More Negative and Egotistical When You Tweet from Your Phone, Study Says

Newsweek, Tweets Are More Likely to Be Egocentric If Sent From a Smartphone

Wired Magazine, Hate Your Twitter Conversations? Hide Them

USA Today, ‘Black people aren’t believed’: Videos exposing everyday racism hailed as new activism

The Christian Science Monitor, Embattled TikTok: Behind the dance duels, a platform for youth activism

Deutsche Welle, Twitter bots play murky role in US presidential election campaign

The Guardian, Twitter’s 140 characters: a blessing or a curse? – Chips with Everything tech podcast

The Smithsonian Magazine, Facebook Might Help You Live Longer, According to Facebook Researchers

The Independent, The etiquette of celebrity selfies, and other modern dilemmas

The Huffington Post, Are Young People Really ‘Addicted’ to Social Media?

itv News, Tech No

BBC World Service Radio,  World Have Your Say, Has Facebook done anything wrong?

The Wall Street Journal, What is the Outlook for Twitter?

The Wall Street Journal, Twitter’s Big Battle Is Indifference

BBC Radio Four, Thinking Allowed, Twitter; Elite University Admissions

The Smithsonian Magazine, Social Media Is Not Making You a Ball of Stress

Sputnik News, #JesuisCharlie: Social Media and Online Propaganda

The Hindu, Tragedy and the twitterati

The Runnymede Trust, Race Card: The Material Girl Instagrams the N-Word

The Conversation: Write on Facebook’s timeline for its birthday – you’re still friends

BBC World Service Radio,  World Have Your Say: Is there an honourable way to deal with terminal illness?

International Business Times: Why Did Twitter Users Say Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Will Smith were Dead?

Der Tagesspiegel, SEO-Strategien Das sieht gut aus

BBC World Service Radio,  World Have Your Say: The young generation are thinking differently now

New York Times: In Recruiting, Facebook and Twitter Are Coaches’ Friends

National Public Radio, MPBN: Bowdoin Professor Puts Social Media Expertise Into Book

SmartMoney: 10 Things Facebook Won’t Say

The Huffington Post: Allure of the Hive: Experts on Connectivity, Social Networking and Social Change (discusses a panel Dhiraj participated in, which included Sean Parker, founding president of Facebook)

Roanoke Times: Social media were fountain of shooting information, true and false

Sun Sentinel: Social media a game-changer in all aspects of football

Tampa Bay Tribune: Not all of Hillsborough’s top seniors are connected to social media

The Forecaster: Bowdoin students’ Facebook ‘detox’ brings clarity

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